Why eLearning?

Want to find out why the Consortium’s eLearning is such an effective way to meet the development needs of your organisation? Read on…

eLearning is flexible and convenient

•    eLearning is self-paced – so learning is at a pace suitable for all your staff.
•    Courses are available 24/7 – so learning is at a time convenient for all your workers.
•    Courses can be accessed anywhere – your learners can study at home, work or whilst travelling.
•    When appropriate, learners can skip material they know and focus on the learning that is relevant to them.
•    Started a course and then had to stop unexpectedly? No problem, learning can be picked up from where it has been left off – or the course can be restarted if the learner prefers.

eLearning is both cost and time effective

You probably know that eLearning can dramatically reduce your per learner costs compared to traditional learning methods – as training, travel time and associated costs are all lowered, and may even be eliminated. But if you use eLearning already, being part of the Consortium will still lower your costs – and you get the added benefit of being part of a supportive group of likeminded people, all striving towards similar goals. Members find this network is priceless!

Our Great British eLearning provides consistent quality

All your eLearners get access to the same information. Our members particularly like the fact that all our courses have UK Audio, and we are proud to say that our eLearning is ‘home grown’ – supplied to us by Jenison, which offers the largest range of off-the-peg eLearning of any UK publisher.

eLearning is interactive and user friendly

Our desktop IT skills courses, for example, are interactive, and learners demonstrate knowledge and understanding in order to move on. These IT courses follow a methodical path to progress along – so you can’t click though screens. In other types of courses, where appropriate, learners can choose to skip material they already know. Learners can also access their own certificates and reports.

eLearning helps reduce your carbon footprint

eLearning is better for the environment compared to some traditional methods of learning. Paper waste is reduced, as are CO2emissions, by eliminating the need for travel.

We’re here to help!

eLearning success is down to humans and not computers! That’s why it’s good to know that The Corporate eLearning Consortium is here to hold your hand every step of the way, supporting your eLearning journey. We have excellent standards of customer care, a hassle free content management system, and a UK-based, dedicated help desk.


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