It’s good to talk

Even though we talk all the time, it seems that practice doesn’t always make perfect. According to Hesketh Emden, a little training can make all the difference to the art of communication…

Please can we have some more eLearning?

A new blended induction programme has been a huge success at Victim Support. Not only has it saved substantial money and engaged staff, managers are now asking for more bespoke eLearning content to be created in-house.

Embedding Learning in Work: 70:20:10 in Action

Charles Jennings

We put Charles Jennings in the hot seat, to answer your questions about 70:20:10.
These questions were all raised on a recent joint webinar with Charles.

Launching on Friday! A brand new CIPD “Leaders in Learning” network in Scotland

As part of its new L&D vision and engagement with L&D professionals CIPD is launching a Scottish Leaders in Learning Network.

Harnessing the power of 70:20:10

Charles Jennings will be talking about putting 70:20:10 into practice, at two seminars at Learning Technologies next week and will be leading a webinar in February on applying 70:20:10 principles.

The sweet smell of eLearning success

Sally Little, L&D Manager at The Perfume Shop and Corporate L&D Professional of the Year 2014, chats to Susie Finch about overcoming the challenge of introducing eLearning into a retail environment.

Management Toolkit helps establish a company culture

How do you go about bringing together staff from 161 organisations to form a new one, all using different IT systems? That was the reality facing NHS Property Services when it was formed in 2013. Hesketh Emden and his L&D team at NHS Property Services used the Toolkit for Managers to help unify the new organisation, with striking results.

What can you learn in 52 minutes?

Andrew Jacobs suggests asking managers and staff to think about spending time learning, instead of budget. Doing so, he says, changes the value of learning, with positive benefits for everyone. Read on and find out why 52 minutes is significant!

People Buy People, But Do They Buy You?

What does your personal brand have to do with the way you engage your learners? Everything says branding expert Jennifer Holloway. Follow her tips for greater buy-in to L&D.

Using Kirkpatrick® to move beyond training order-taking

If you’ve ever felt like you’re taking an order in the training drive thru, then read on for hints and tips on creating more meaningful discussions – and outcomes – about organisational learning.

People Powered Change

Increasingly, with the squeeze on lengthy training programmes – due to cost and time away – the doubts about the ‘stickiness’ of intense classroom or offsite programmes of learning amplify. More and more learning is being delivered in a blended way; multiple channels are being used for learning; just in time learning and bite-size learning are flourishing. It’s all about the 70 in the 70:20:10 model.

Blended learning with no regrets

After 10 years refining blended learning, Clive Shepherd has come up with the perfect four steps to success, beautifully abbreviated as P.I.A.F. Follow these and you’ll have brilliant blended learning, and no regrets…

Grey talent: The untapped resource

The over 50’s make up a third of the UK’s workforce, but are the least likely to be offered training. Yet research shows that you can indeed ‘teach an old dog new tricks’. Is it time for organisations to rethink their L&D policies for older workers, asks Robin Hoyle?

Rethinking L&D at Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover worked with the Corporate eLearning Consortium to provide relevant resources for their workforce. Here’s the story of how they raised the profile of L&D within their organisation, providing blended resources mapped to key skill competencies.

Too old to train?

The over 50’s make up a third of the UK’s workforce, but are the least likely to be offered training. Yet research shows that you can indeed ‘teach an old dog new tricks’. Isn’t it time to rethink your L&D policy for older workers & volunteers, asks Robin Hoyle?

The secret to ‘engagement’

Engagement is often cited as the greatest challenge that L&D professionals face – whether getting staff or senior management to ‘buy-in’ to learning. Owen Ferguson has a proven model to help…

How the brain learns

Patricia Riddell is Professor of Applied Neurosciences at the University of Reading. She will be discussing ‘How the brain learns’ at the World of Learning conference at 11.15am on 1 October at the NEC, Birmingham.

10 Personal strategies to develop resilience

Learning to bounce back and be resilient is an essential skill – for work and life. Liggy Webb, author of a new book called Resilience shares her ten top tips to help you and your managers cope better with the demands and challenges of daily and working life.

Transforming workplace learning through Curation

Curation has been the latest buzz word in L&D for the last couple of years – but what does it mean? Banish thoughts of dusty relics as it has the potential to save practitioners serious time and money. Martin Couzins and Sam Burrough report…

Quick tips for Personal Wellbeing

Feeling stressed? Read Liggy Webb’s quick, handy tips to refer to when the going gets tough…

Leadership lessons from Sir Alex Ferguson

In this article Sir Alex Ferguson explains the skills needed to become the greatest football manager ever.

Benchmarking – why bother?

Organisations can’t afford to stand still – and neither can the L&D managers that support them. Laura Overton explains why benchmarking is critical for business success.

Webinar: Benchmark to boost business bottom line

Organisations can’t afford to stand still – and neither can the L&D managers that support them. Acclaimed learning technologies expert Laura Overton will be explaining why benchmarking is so critical to Learning innovation – and ultimately business success – in a webinar on 14 June.

What learners really, really want…

Craig Taylor, Learning Technologies Manager at Bupa International, explains how he engaged staff in research into the learning process As L&D professionals, our ideas of what we think learners want, and what learners actually want can be very different. The why Towards the end of 2012, I was looking to develop Bupa International’s L&D strategy READ MORE

Maybe you are more ‘technical’ than you think…

Ian Ross, Learning Technologies Manager for the Corporate eLearning Consortium, explains – in an article on The Information daily – the thinking behind Global Giveback UK, the initiative asking for Corporate organisations to support UK charities by donating Learning resources & expertise.

Keeping your resolutions alive

More than 90% of your daily routine is comprised of various habits that create your behaviours. Most of these habits are performed subconsciously, which means that you are so used to doing them you don’t even think about them on a conscious level. What separates the positive and negative people is that the positive people READ MORE

Become a top learning company

Last year was pivotal for organisations using learning technologies: we started to add real value back to our organisations whilst simultaneously increasing efficiency. In the post event ‘glow’ of the most amazing Learning Technologies exhibition and conference, it’s critical that we build on our successes not rest on our laurels! In this article Laura Overton READ MORE

Tom Kuhlmann’s secrets of success for all rapid eLearning designers

The guiding principle for rapid eLearning design is to be intentional. Everything you do while developing your course should be planned and exist for a reason. But eLearning courses typically start from existing content. That content can easily dictate how the course is structured and how it looks – which may not always be best. READ MORE

Go on, give something back!

The entire eLearning industry is being asked to get behind Global Giveback UK, by donating resources and expertise to charities to support essential skills development in the third sector. All organisations and individuals can help – find out how at Learning Technologies.

Real management advice in the palm of your hand

Organisations love using video for workplace learning and research reveals they intend to use them even more – but for those that can’t afford bespoke content, where can you find relevant resources? Clear Lessons, a video library being launched at Learning Technologies, is the perfect workplace mentor, available to managers ‘anytime, anyplace, anywhere’

Online engagement: Lessons from Google & Facebook

Lessons in how to engage learners online are often learnt the hard way – when initiatives fail. What are the critical tactics that big players like Google and Facebook use to ensure success? Learn about their secrets in a practical, free seminar at Learning Technologies.

Learning Technologies 29th & 30th January

Learning technologies is Europe’s leading showcase of organisational learning through technology based support in the workplace. Don’t forget to book your place! With 120 FREE seminars and over 5,000 visitors, the show will give you all the information and inspiration you need to move your business forward.  We’ll be there ready to welcome you at READ MORE

Goodbye 2012, hello 2013!

What’s on your learning technology horizon for 2013? What were your learning highlights and lowlights of 2012? We asked some Charity Learning Award winners and Learning Technology experts for their review of the last 12 months, and their predictions for the year ahead. We’d love to hear about your experience of L&D in 2012 and READ MORE

Top tips for developing your leadership style

Leadership is one of the most read, and most searched for topics in the Toolkit for Managers. So we thought we’d share some tips to help improve leadership skills, which we’ve taken directly from this flexible, online resource. More than a million leaders and managers use the Toolkit for instant performance support. If you’d like READ MORE

Towards Maturity’s 2012 Benchmark Study

Towards Maturity’s 2012 Benchmark Study highlights the major business benefits achieved through learning technologies Leading in-depth industry benchmark report now available to download for free London, November 22nd 2012 – Leading benchmark research company Towards Maturity has unveiled the findings of its major annual learning technology Benchmark Study. The largest benchmark study of its type READ MORE

Learning Technologies 2013

It may not be the biggest show on earth yet, but it’s certainly the biggest learning event in the L&D calendar in Europe… Yes, we’re talking about Learning Technologies and Learning & Skills, the not-to-be missed, annual L&D extravaganza at Olympia 2, London at the end of January – 29th & 30th January 2013 to READ MORE

Training isn’t always the answer…

Peter Casebow has some tips to help you identify how and when L&D can make a real difference to your organisation’s bottom line. The chances are that your colleagues see you as the training provider and only come to you when they think there is a need for training. Of course learning and development is READ MORE

Time management top tips

You can’t change the number of hours there are in a day – but you can influence how you manage your time. These ten top tips provide practical advice for getting the most out of the hours you spend at work. Leaders and managers are under more pressure than ever before, so it’s probably no READ MORE

Social media: Good, bad or just plain ugly?

Dr Peter Honey, best known as the creator of Learning Styles, talks about the implications of using social media. As he points out, it’s not the social media tools that are the problem, but more the way they are used.

Mobile and informal learning – the dream vs. reality

Mobile and informal learning is now on most L&D practitioner’s wish lists, but new research reveals that it’s been challenging to turn those wishes into reality.

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